Lewis League News

Dear members of the Lewis League:

The end of a new semester is rapidly approaching (as it always seems to!).  We have been blessed with students new and old, and continue to be a resident force of prayer on campus.

During Columbia’s historic floods in October, many of our students rallied to participate in clean-up efforts around the city.  Attached is a picture of some of us helping in the Lake Katherine neighborhood, which was especially overwhelmed with the flood waters.  We also helped at the home of one of our supporters, a parishioner at Epiphany.

Over fall break, we traveled to St. Simeon Skete in Taylorsville, KY, for a retreat, which was comprised of a day of pilgrimage to nearby holy places, followed by a quiet day with meditations on the Stations of the Cross.  The second attached picture is from our pilgrimage, where (among other sites) we stopped at a simple roadside grotto that has been built by community members.

In your prayers, remember Virginia Noxon, who (God willing) will be graduating with a doctorate in pharmacology in December and moving to Maryland.  Virginia has faithfully served as the president of our student organization over the last several years, as well as leading our women’s group, “Daughters of Eve”, and bringing pizza to our Sunday evening Bible study.  Godspeed, Virginia!

Also pray for our alumnus and past president, Geordan Geddings, who was ordained to the diaconate on November 14, and (God willing) will be serving at St. Bede’s Anglican Church in Birmingham, AL.

Our fundraising goal for 2016 is in sight, but we still need $4,000 to fulfill our target of covering half of our chaplain’s salary.  Our local parish, the Church of the Epiphany, has called a full-time curate (Fr. Zachary Braddock, another alumnus and past president), which is a great blessing for the church, but which means that our campus ministry has been given the chance to look further afield for our financial support.  Our mission at the C. S. Lewis Center is of benefit, not just for one parish, but for the Church at large, as we are building up the unity of Christ’s Body by bringing together Christians of various backgrounds, as well as introducing non-believers to the love of God.  Of your charity, please pray the God would raise up at least four new “Aslans” to support our campus work.  If you know of any potential members of the Lewis League, feel free to pass along this information.

Please remember that we request donations to for the spring semester be sent by January 1st, (though we are happy to receive support at any time).  Checks may be made out to “St. Theodore’s Anglican Chapel”, and sent to 1730 College Street, Columbia, SC, 29201.  All gifts are tax-deductable.  Below are the different levels of membership in the Lewis League:

 ___ Reepicheep ($25 per semester/$50 per year)

___ Mr. Tumnus ($50 per semester/$100 per year)

___ Puddleglum ($100 per semester/$200 per year)

___ Prince Caspian ($200 per semester/$400 per year)

___ Aslan ($500 per semester/$1,000 per year)